Trabalhadores com benefício CLT com 7 meses podem sacar R$ 823,66 Saiba mais

Trabalhadores com benefício CLT com 7 meses podem sacar R$ 823,66 Saiba mais

CLT Benefit Workers with 7 Month can withdraw $823.66 Find out more : Caixa Economica Federal announces good news for Brazilian workers the start bonus. This benefit bring a financial boost to many Brazilians who work under the CLT Unification of Labor Laws) regime, especially in these difficult times.

For those who completed a seven – month working day with an official contract in 2022 they save a fixed amount of $823.66 This value is a recognition by the government of the efforts of low-income workers as it effectively serves as a types of “14 salary”.

CLT Benefit Workers with 7 Month can withdraw $823.66

The salary bonus is an achievement for employees who meet certain requirements registering with PIS/Pasep for at least 30 days with a card registration during the year 2022, receiving up to two minimum wages as average monthly salary and correctly enter your data by the employer in RAIS (Annual Social Information List) or in eSocial.

7 Months of CLT Launches draw of 823.66

The calculation of the salary bonus  for CLT workers takes into account the length of service in the base year guaranteeing a benefit proportional to the time worked. The payment schedule looks like this.

  • Month $117.67
  • 2 Month $235.33
  • 3 Months : $ 353.00
  • 4 Months : $ 470.65
  • 5 Months $ 588.32
  • 6 Months $ 706.00
  • 7 Months $ 823.66
  • 8 Months $ 941.33
  • 9 Months $ 1,059.00
  • 10 Months $ 1,176.68
  • 11 Months $ 1,294.34
  • 12 Months $ 1,412,00

How to check a CLT allowance

For those who wish to check their eligibility and salary bonus status Caixa and Banco do Brasil offer accessible forms of Consultation Whether through applications official websites of the institutions or through available 0800 number the process is uncomplicated aiming for  total transparency and easy access to information. As the PIS / Pasep payroll process progresses it is critical that CLT worker ensure their data is up to date and closely monitor the specific calendar to ensure they receive this important financial support at a time of economic recovery gradual.

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