Salário Mínimo Aumento para R$ 1.772 Entenda a notícia que emociona os brasileiros

Salário Mínimo: Aumento para R$ 1.772 Entenda a notícia que emociona os brasileiros

Minimum Wage : Increase to $1,772 Understand the news that makes Brazilians excited : The federal government forecast foresees a minimum wage of $1,772 in the coming years President Lula should soon propose the 2025 national minimum wage. He understands how the correction will be made and how much workers will be able to receive. That year the federal government changed the way the minimum wage was adjusted allowing real gains for workers. Now it is possible for Brazilians to earn a salary of at least Brazilians to earn a salary of a least $ 1,772 in the coming years Projection by the Union Budget Minister Paulo Pigos.

Last Monday  the 15th the Government presented the 2025 budget bill that foresees at least $ 1,772 in 2028 However the secretary tried to make a corrective estimate that workers would receive $1,772 per year.

According to the budget proposal the salary adjustment for the coming years will bring a minimum wage of.

  • $ 1502 next year 205;
  • $ 1,582 in 2026
  • $1,676 in 2027

According to our expert Leela Cunha elderly people have recently acquired the right to an additional salary understand better.

Minimum wage 2025

  • On the afternoon of last Monday the 15th representatives of the federal budget from the Ministry of Planning and Budget (MPO,) the National Treasury and the Federal Revenue Service (Ministry of Finance) participated in a press conference.
  • At the time it was confirmed that the minimum wage for 2025 would be $1,504 representing an increase of $90 or 6.37% over the current value of $1,412
  • The budget proposal has already been sent to the National Congress and will need to be approved by June 30 to be implemented next year.
  • According to the rules adopted this year the minimum adjustment takes into account inflation (INPC)  accumulated in the 12th months up to November of the previous year as well as the difference in GDP from two year age (in the case, 2.9%)
  • As a result the adjustment will be made above inflation allowing Brazilians to obtain real gains.
  • It should be noted that the minimum wage adjustment not only affects those who receive the minimum wage but the benefits must also be readjusted and understood.
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