Increase in Bolsa Familia

Increase in Bolsa Familia : Subscribers receive an additional $ 200 per Month Check it out here

Increase in Bolsa Familia : Subscribers receive an additional $ 200 per Month Check it out here : Subscribers celebrate the addition of a new additional amount to their monthly payment. This deposit will be paid by the federal government with a focus on the education of young people who support their holders in the program. So, see below how and who can receive the amount. 

Increase in Bolsa Familia 

This year the federal government officially announced the creation of the Pe de Meia  program which gurantess monthly payment to young people in the public school system who attend high school.

Upon registration the student will receive payment of $ 200.00 This will happen when enrolling for the 1st, and 2nd and 3rd year of high school. In addition there will be nine installments of $ 200.00 per month studied.

It is necessary to maintain positive school attendance above 75% with this the student can be considered with this monthly deposit. In total added to approvals monthly fees and the ENEM exam the total scholarship can exceed $9,000.

About the project specialist Leila Cunha explained how to sign up for the program and what the main requirements are in addition to being part of Bolsa Familia. to sign up for Pe’ de Meia. Click here to learn more

Bolsa Familia increases the value of payment in April

In April, Bolsa Familia beneficiaries will also receive an additial $ 102.00 This amount refers to gas aid, which is deposited every two months. It is necessary to be registered in the Single Registry and request official payment of this benefit. Therefore if this request is not made the amount will not be credited to your account.

In addition to payment made in person at the Caixa Economica federal unit beneficiaries will be able to receive funds in their Caixa Tem application account. For more information and details about Bolsa Familia and April payments click here and find out more.

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