Caixa Tem anuncia Pix de R$ 200 na semana da Páscoa Saiba como receber

Caixa Tem anuncia Pix de R$ 200 na semana da Páscoa Saiba como receber

Caixa Tem Announces $200 Pix during Easter week Find out how to receive : Easter week with $200 PIX for 2.5 million people across the country. Deposits will be issued by Caixa Tem in the coming days Find out who can withdraw the amount.

In an announcement made this Monday morning the 25th President Lula Guaranteed that Easter week will be busy for some people. Caixa Tem will hold a draw for $200. In Total 2.5 million people across the country will benefit Deposits are made until April 7th and a consultation with beneficiaries has already been issued.

Withdrawal of $200 through Caixa Tem

The deposits refer to the incentive to sign up the Nest egg program, the so-called high school savings.

Payment are intended for high school student in the public education network for complete requirements 

In total the annual investment will be $7.1 billion to pay 2.5 million students.

Students selected from enrollment data sent by schools.

According to the MEC, if there are data corrections by June 14th new students can be included and receive the amount until July 1st, 2024 Our expert Lila Cunha  explains how to check the benefit see.

Nest egg payment dates

Payment will be made from the students month of birth check the dates below.

25 March – January  and February

March 27th – March and April

March 28th – May and June

1 April – July and August

April 2 – September and October

3 April – November and December

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